Monday, August 11, 2008

Creating and marketing your ad space

In my previous article I had mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of direct ad sales (Direct advertising sales for beginners) and I had also mentioned how to deal with the problems faced by bloggers. My previous article was all about the introduction to direct ad sales, this article deals with the practical process, it deals with setting up an adspace and adsell page.

Getting started with direct advertising
The first step to direct advertising includes setting up an adsell page, this page should contain your profile, your websites statistics and ad rates. You can see a simple adsell page here. Your adsell page should contain a simple design and it should be linked by all the highly visited pages of your site.The things your page should contain is given below,

Your Profile
Firstly, you'll have to describe yourself. You can tell about your interests, your qualifications and maybe small jokes. You can also write about your other activities and properties, such as blogs and articles.

Describe your site
The next part is the detailed description of your blog, you can write when it was started, what your blog offers and who are its audience. You can also write about the different achievements of your blogs (if any). Your blog description should not contain any statistics and rates, but yes you can write about your blogs popularity if it was listed on any newspapers and magazines.

Why should they advertise on your blog
In this column an advertiser should get to know what your blog has to offer, this does not mean the ad rates or formats, it is your blogs popularity, traffic, RSS Feed Subscribers and Twitter followers. Advertisers may not believe whatever you say if you type plain text, you'll have to prove it by adding widgets and stats. You can put traffic stats widget, you can show your page rank meter and give links to your social media profiles.

Ad-rates and formats
After the advertiser as understood your site well enough, it is time to show what there money is worth, you'll have to show the different types of ad formats offered by your site and their rates, it is good if both are next to each other. It is better and much more impressive if you show your a screenshot of your adspaces, you can explain the number of impressions each adspace gets and the click through rate .

Contact Details
If your advertiser thinks your site is worth his money he may want to go ahead with advertising on your site. So, then you can provide him with a contact form or atleast with an email link or telephone no.

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