Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Using your creativity to make money online

In the 21st Century the richest are not always those who work the hardest. It takes the ability to view things at a different perspective to be rich. People may think its strange or non practical and they may say that your doing a big mistake. Let me tell you if your doing something that has never been done before it is not always necessary that you succeed. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were laughed upon when they told people that they were gonna download the entire web, but they went ahead not caring about the outcome and the result they are the 14th and 16th richest men in the world.

This post covers some case studies that I came across in the past week, I've been really inspired by all of these stories and i'm trying to find some creative idea that is one of a kind on the web but you see my art teacher tells me that me creativity is very limited and i think he was kind of right.

I guess most of you have heard of the teen girl named Ashley behind the site Whateverlife which provides free Myspace layouts and tutorials. The site currently receives up to 7 million monthly visitors and she as also manged make some long term advertising contracts.

All of us are aware of  Alex Tew, who needed money to fund his studies, so he set up milliondollarhomepage . This site contains a homepage with one million pixels and he sells one million ad banners on it for one dollar each. After a few months do you guys have any idea on how much money he made, get ready for a shock, he made $103,037,100. I guess he would give up his idea to fund his education now, he may plan to buy a yacht and go around the world instead.

Andrew Fischer, a 22 year old web designer who created a site named Killofthebill, which contains a list of links and a banner at the top. The highest bidder gets the top banner and as soon as a higher bid appears the previous link will appear among the links below. He has raised up to $5000. Very creative indeed, he is making a hell lot of money with out struggling to sit and write posts.

The last on my list is this young guy I came across on DailyBlogTips. I don't think he is very famous, but his creativity can not be underestimated. In 2005 he auctioned an adspace for $40000 on his head, thats right his forehead. A company named SnoreStop agreed to pay him for stamping their logo on his head for a month.

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