Friday, August 15, 2008

Good looks does matter

When I created my first blog, I had wonderful content, nicely written and useful, but still all my users didn't stay on my site for more than 20 seconds. The reason was the bad design I had. There are many blogs which have a bad design but still receive good traffic, let me tell you that is just an exception. Good looks does matter, everyone who visits your site gets to know more about your blog by its looks. If someone who does not know about Craigslist visits it, I am sure he won't stay for long. These days you don't have to sit and hardcode a good looking template, there are ready made templates found in almost all formats. If you are using Wordpress or any other blogging platform you can find third party templates online. I have compiled some of the best blogs that would help you to find or make a good looking template for your blog.

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