Friday, August 15, 2008

Choosing a blogging platform

Most of the fast paced bloggers don't sit and hardcode everything on their blog as this can be time consuming and less efficient. These bloggers use blogging platforms which can help them concentrate only on the content rather than the codes to use. There are many blogging platforms and most of them are open source. All blogging platforms have their own features, so you will have to select it according to your niche. Below I have got a ;ist of my favourite blog networks for self hosted bloggers.

  • Wordpress - The first and the most prefered blogging platform is wordpress, it is an open source blogging software which provides with trackbacks, themes and plugins and fully optimized text editor. It also allows multiple authors and it my first preference.

  • MovableType - My second preference is movable type, it is very good for news sites and sites which are heavily updated, it allows multiple authors, RSS syndication, themes and plugins.

  • Drupal - is another open source blog platform, it gives you full support. This allows you to create social networks and user edited content. Drupal is a very good platform if you want to create a web 2.0 blog. It allows syndication, heavy posting, multiple users and has much more features.

  • LifeType - is well integrated for media and entertainment blogs, it has smart looking templates and has many third party templates.

  • LoudBlog - is mainly used for audio/video and photo sites. It is simple but smart, has good templates and plugins. It is not useful for sites with huge content.

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