Monday, September 21, 2009

Writing good content

If your blog gives good useful and unique content, you don't need a good design and you don't need to promote it yourself, your blogs users spread your words and get more popularity for your blog. If you have good content then every user will get 3 other users. In this way you don't spend a buck and the entire traffic is your hands, but in order to create such an echoing traffic you'll need to shout out well enough. This you can do with your blogs content. Below are some tips to create useful content,

Finding a question
First thing I do before writing an article is, I search forums, answer sites and comments on other blogs. I do this to find out what are net users in my niche looking for, if they don't find whatever they are looking for I am sure they would post it on forums and on other sites. If you go through them I am sure you'll get an idea for a killer article that would get you some bookmarks. If your site gets good traffic then you can set up a contact form for users to ask questions. After writing the article make sure you reply to them with a link to your article.

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Blogs in your niche
After finding a topic to write about, search other sites in your niche and find articles related to your topic. If you are copying a large part of the article from their blog, make sure you give a link to them. Whenever I sit down to write an article I refer to 6 other sites, some books and some friends I know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Your own experiments
If you write articles merging different articles from 6 sites, you are likely to get any bookmarks. So, you will have to write down your own discoveries to create killer articles. Once many of my users had asked questions about using StumbleUpon for traffic, to answer this I first created an account on StumbleUpon and started experimenting with it and after 1 month when I had learnt every single way to use StumbleUpon for blog traffic I wrote a post. Of course, writing a killer article takes a lot of time and patience, but once you get good traffic one killer article in a month will be enough.

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Get articles from directories
There are many article directories which give away articles for free, these articles are written by other bloggers. Publishing these articles on your site is free, but you are supposed to post the article as it is and most of them have links to the authors website. If your users see these links they may not leave any bookmarks. This method is not very much appreciated by me and I still prefer sitting with my PC with a cup of tea and writing articles.

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Hire a ghost writer
If you don't have the skills and the time to write good articles then you can outsource it to some freelancers, of course you'll have to pay them, an average graded ghost writer demands $9 for a page. If you have the cash resources you can easily opt to this, but if you don't you are on your own. You can find freelance ghost writers on sites such as Elance and Write4Me.

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