Monday, September 21, 2009

What is your Twitter click through rate?

Twitter a microblogging site used to send out short text messages and interact and chat with a group of people. Now Twitter has become a powerful tool for marketers, webmasters and freelancers. Twitter is now filled with affiliate and self promoting links. Well the idea is not bad, social media helps spread awareness, but how many of those Tweets have been read and how many of those affiliate links have been truly clicked. I have tweeted 100s of articles and get good response on Twitter, but my blog gets less than 1% of its traffic from Twitter. So what is this Twitter click through rate? It is the proportion between the number of followers you have and the number of people who click on your links. 

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In average the overall click through rate of Twitter ranges from 0.25% to 1%. So, if I have 10000 followers, my tweets are going to gain 25 to 100 clicks. This does not mean mass tweeting is going to double this number.

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Find out your Twitter Click-Through-Rate

  1. First of all register with
  2. Find a good post on your blog to Tweet. Copy the Url.
  3. Shorten the URL using 
  4. Write a good description about the article with the shortened link and tweet it.
  5. Wait for 5 to 6 hours and count the number of clicks.
Please post the result as a comment below, so that I can further understand Twitter and write another post on the topic.


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