Monday, September 21, 2009

3 useful adservers for bloggers

Once your blog begins to grow, it is wise to rotate ad networks, use affiliate banners and even sell ads directly to an advertiser. While doing this it is very time consuming to change html codes everytime and exchange 5 to 6 mails from advertisers and also removing ads every month.

Php Spinners to rotate ads

There are some free and paid tools that can help you automate this process and help you save precious time. I have managed to collect 3 of them which I think are good. Of course, there are many others which have similar features, but these are the most used.

Affiliate Website Building Software

OpenX Adservers 
OpenX is a free open source adserver, available in both hosted and downloadable as a wordpress plugin. OpenX helps you manage all sorts of ads text, rich media, flash, pop-ups and pop-unders. It is easier to rotate banners, has a good interface and makes it easier to organize advertisers, campaigns, zones and banners. OpenX also provides up to the minute statistics, you can sell ads directly through its self serve ad platform, Shinyads.

OIO Publisher
It is available in the form of a Wordpress plugin, it does have a price tag of  $37, but it is more than just worth    it. Using OIO Publisher you can sell banner ads to text ads to paid reviews in auto pilot. You choose the price and it is transfered through PayPal, it also allows you to send automated e-mails to your advertisers which shows statistics. You can keep 100% of the ad revenues generated and it also comes with a market place where advertisers match with bloggers.

WP Affiliate Pro : Control and track your affiliate programs

Show Your Ad Here
Show Your Ad Here, a recently started hosted adserver by 45n5. It has similar features, but does not provide any statistics. You won't have to do any initial payments, but you are going to receive only 75% of the revenue.

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