Friday, August 7, 2009 - promote your blog with a video channel

One of the many sites you would find high traffic are video sites. If you want high quality traffic to your site then video marketing is the right choice. One such site I have got you here is Blip, a video sharing website founded by Mike Hudack. Blip does not only allow you to make videos, it allows you to make your own channel. Here are certain advantages of Blip

Free Hosting.

You shouldn’t be worried about the hosting and the space. At blip.tvyou have got all the servers and bandwidth you could possibly need. And they give it to you for free.
You deserve to make money from your hard work. That’s why works with as many video ad networks as possible to make you money. If you have a hit show they will use their own sales force to sell a sponsorship. We share everything we make for you 50/50. And if you have your own sales force you can sell a sponsorship.
Great Reach.
Tons of people come to to watch great original programming, but that’s not the end of it. It has got a distribution network that reaches hundreds of millions: built-in syndication to AOL Video, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MSN Video, Google Video, Blinkx, iTunes and the Apple TV, Blogger, and much more.
Multiple Formats.
You shouldn’t have to choose between great quality Flash video and compatibility with iTunes. Your videos should work everywhere, no question. That’s why supports every video format under the sun, from Flash 8 (much higher quality than most Flash video) to Quicktime (for the all-important iTunes) to DivX and 3gp (we think cell phones are cool, too).

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