Friday, August 7, 2009

Twitter for bloggers

Twitter is a simple but effective tool for bloggers, using this site I have been able to almost doubled my users. I recently learned the tips of using Twitter. In the last several months there has been heavy increase in Twitters traffic. I have found out new ways to increase my sites traffic through Twitter.

Building followership
If you want to make good use of Twitter, you will have to build followers. Followers are the people interested in your blog, they are the ones who can read your updates and comment on them. There are 2 effective ways to build followership.
1. Following others in mass numbers helps increase your popularity and others start to follow you. You should do this mass followership on people of your niche.
2. Once you get some followers you should start updating about your niche, without any links, mass updating also results in followers.
Ask a question
Once you have built up followers, you should not let go as waste, start updating with your links, but not all followers read your updates and those who read may not click on your links. For making your followers to click on links, you have to build curiosity inside your followers minds. You can do this by asking questions as updates, such as (Is it all over for Google?), followed by a link to your article. This way your followers will be interested in your updates.
Be friendly with your followers
It is not always good to send out links, you should also send out friendly messages and jokes related to your niche, this helps in getting loyal followers.
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