Friday, August 7, 2009

5 useful microblogging sites

Microblogging is a type of blogging, which allows you send out small text updates. These updates can be either viewed by everyone or by selected members. This simple but effective tool has become a powerful tool to bloggers to promote their blogs. Bloggers send out links with a small summary of their content and add tags to them. These updates can be found on the sites search and interested users click on the link and some also follow the bloggers for future updates. Here I have got a few set of my favourite microblogging sites.

Twitter a microblogging site launched on July 2008 is the most popular microblogging sites. Twitter’s simple design makes it fast. You can send out updates and direct messages. Updates can be viewed by your followers, that is people interested in you. Direct messages can be sent to only a single person. Twitter also allows you to put your updates on your site. You can also monetize your twitter account by Twitter
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Tumblr is the closest competitor to Twitter. It allows you to tumble updates, this does not only allow you to put text and links, you can also put photos, quotes, dialogues, and videos. This is also the best type of promotion to bloggers. Tumblr also helps in sharing author’s creations, discoveries, or experiences .Tumblr

Plurk is no different from Twitter, it has the same things in it. If you like Twitter you are sure to like Plurk. The only thing I like in Plurk is that it has more customization features than any of the other microblogging sites. All Plurk users say it is much easier to work on Plurk than Twitter. According to my personal experience I don’t think there is anything special about it.Plurk

In Pownce there are a lot many things you can do , that includes sharing links, files and events. Messages posted can be viewed by friends and fans of an induvidual, it can also be forwarded an replied to the recipient. Pownce also has an advertising channel. Pownce

Jaiku is a microblogging site owned by Google . Jaiku’s theme’s are attractive and gives it a “web 2.0″ look, which Twitter lacks behind. Jaiku’s features resembles a blogging site, you can post pages , where comments can be added it can also give out links .
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