Sunday, August 9, 2009

Increasing RSS feed subscribers

RSS Feeds one of the most powerful methods to get back your previous users and keep your blogs traffic always high. These feeds were created just 2 years ago but millions of bloggers and netizens depend on it for a lot of things. It is a method of distributing your webs content to your users outside your blog. In this article I'll provide one of the most trusted ways of increasing your blogs subscribers.

Post frequently
Why do you think netizens use RSS feeds so much? It is because they feel they may miss out an article on websites which post frequently. So, if you want more RSS feed subscribers you'll have to post frequently and not just any content, nice articles which would make your users interested in your future articles.

If you want more subscribers then you'll have to make it visible to them. You can do this by using giant buttons or popups which tell your users to subscribe to your feeds. I have put a big blue button with the text "don't miss out" and it has worked out pretty well for me.

Allow your users to subscribe by mail
It is unimaginable for a lot of us bloggers that there are still millions out there who don't use a feedreader. Everyone uses email so you'll have to use that method instead for those who want to subscribe by mail. There are many ways to enable this, but I would prefer Feedburner as it is open source and trust able.

Offer a full RSS
Many people who subscribe to RSS Feeds do not subscribe if it is not a full RSS. Most of the RSS users subscribe to 100s of blogs and they only scan articles posted through a search in there readers. So it is good and recommended that you give out full RSS. If your worried that there are no one to visit your blog and view ads then let me tell you there are ways of monetizing your feeds.

Write an article on RSS Feeds
This is an effective method and can result in a few subscribers. You can put a link such as "What is RSS?" below your subscriber form. This helps improve the curiosity of your users who don't know much about it. I've seen many famous blogs do it, som include Problogger, DoshDosh and DailyBlogTips.

Ask your readers to subscribe after each article
At the end of each article it is good enough to tell your visitors thanks for visiting and then you can ask them subscribe to your blogs RSS. This technique is helpfull because most readers forget to bookmark and subscribe to your blog even though they loved your articles. This kind of writing at the end does not cause any kind of disturbance to your users, unlike popups and animations. To catch enough attention of your users you may even post a joke which does not have to be related.

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