Friday, August 7, 2009

Self Serve Advertising

Have you ever dreamt of selling direct advertisements on your site while you bathe under the sun. Self serve advertising platforms allow your advertisers to sell ads on your site without any assistance, it is fully automated. You choose the price, you choose the ads and also the adspace. Take a look at some of the best self serve advertising models on the web.

The first on my list is this recently started medium sized ad platform. It helps you take full control of your ad sales and is fully automated. It is fully optimized for publisher benefits and is one of my favourites. The best part about this is, it is commision free. isocket supports all forms of inventory, ranging from out-of-home to print to web banners and helps manage your mixed-media sales from one system.

Firstly known as Adengage, then was taken over by Technorati in 2008, from that time its popularity has touched the sky, it has lots of blogs listed and makes heavy sales. Currently, Technorati Engage offers a 125×125 Square Button display ad, Text and PhoText ads. Technorati does take a commision of 75 %, but is very effective ad sales.

Another medium sized advertising network, they have less than 1000 publishers under them, but have more than 20000 advertiser base, which keeps all websites under them completely occupied. Getting into its network is very tough, you’ll have to have very rich content. Even the best looking blogs, with high traffic have been refected in recent times. BuySellAds gives you track of your adspaces and has good delivery system.

Not so well known to many bloggers, it has less than a 1000 publishers and was recently established. It has good advertiser base, publisher optimized, transparency and full control, but has bad reporting. It is commision free.

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