Sunday, August 2, 2009

About me

Thank you for visiting Dumb Little Blogger. This blog is dedicated to teach bloggers and internet marketers to create, optimize and promote their careers.
Hi! I am Vishal Sanjay, the person responsible for all the content you read on this blog. Blogging is my work and my passion. Dumb Little Blogger happens to be my first blog and my most favorite. Even I happen to be a newbie as I started blogging just a year ago, but in the past one year I've learnt a lot, just enough for me to teach others to make money.
Other than managing this blog, I also study in Ryan International School, Bangalore, India. I'm very poor in academics, but I manage to pass every year, I haven't flunked even once :)
My personal interests include painting, reading, surfing and debating, and I do anything that i am interested in, there is no such thing in me which I can call as my hobby. My life itself is a hobby for me.
My professional interests include, social media, internet marketing, financials, economics and blogging, and if there is anything which result in ample amounts of money.
My dream is to make this blog one of the best blogging tips blogs, and also to be a successful internet entrepreneur. I am a day dreamer and I have plenty of wild dreams, getting rich is one of them. Professionally my aim is to be an investment banker, but in the past few years I've got addicted to the internet and I may make up a career on the internet.

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As a blogger for passion, I do all I can to help newbies gain exposure, if you have any questions and suggestion please feel free to use the comment form below.

Due to the high amount mails I get, its not possible for me to reply to all, but I do read all of your mails.

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