Thursday, December 18, 2008


Free eBooks

  • A blogger's guide to profits' - I have spent hours in  front of my computer in the last few years, trying to earn enough income to support my living online. All my efforts failed, and I even was about to fail at my school. I didn't earn as much as my internet bills. I knew that blogging is going to lead me to success, so I kept trying, and one day I found this free ebook 'A bloggers guide to profits' I thought it was all just a scam, but it was free so I thought Why not give it a try? After reading that book my income rose more than $3000 and I asked author if I could give away this book for free on my site. He agreed, and today you are getting a chance to experience the web money.
  • Make Money Online - 'Make Money Online' one of the hottest trends on Google, and it is the word everyone is trying to master these days. So, I decided to contact this author who did not want her name displayed and asked if I could sell this e-book for free on my blog. This book contains everything from how to turn into a freelancer till setting up a million dollar web business.

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