Saturday, December 19, 2009

'A bloggers guide to profits' ebook for free

I have spent hours in  front of my computer in the last few years, trying to earn enough income to support my living online. All my efforts failed, and I even was about to fail at my school. I didn't earn as much as my internet bills. I knew that blogging is going to lead me to success, so I kept trying, and one day I found this free ebook 'A bloggers guide to profits' I thought it was all just a scam, but it was free so I thought Why not give it a try? After reading that book my income rose more than $3000 and I asked author if I could give away this book for free on my site. He agreed, and today you are getting a chance to experience the web money.

Blogging in action: From start to six figure income using a professional blog

What are you gonna get from this book?
* Build Passion For Your Brand with your customers just by writing down your thoughts and plans (best of all, it costs next to nothing!)

* Boost Sales With Your Personal Touch as that special, magic, human connection starts to grow between your business and your customer. (Any company, big or small, that doesn't follow this concept in the relationship age of business just won't make it!)

* Conquer The Search Engine Rankings without even trying! The secret power of blogging is that you can get listed in search engines like Yahoo much faster than with any other type of site. (And there's more, keep reading!)

How much does it cost?
Well, this book costs you 23 seconds, that is it a million dollar weapon for just 23 seconds. I do appreciate if you could donate some money to this blog to keep it ad free and running.

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