Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Make Money Online' E-book for free

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'Make Money Online' one of the hottest trends on Google, and it is the word everyone is trying to master these days. So, I decided to contact this author who did not want her name displayed and asked if I could sell this e-book for free on my blog. This book contains everything from how to turn into a freelancer till setting up a million dollar web business.

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This book contains 74 pages and one can finish it within a week. Setting up an online business takes a very good foundation, not a financial foundation, but an educational foundation. This is because many things on the internet is free and you can set up a web business for free, the only thing you need is the education and then your bank balance is gonna be sky high.

How much does this book cost?
It costs you nothing, all it costs is 23 seconds to download and then the power of internet money is in your palms. But, yes I would appreciate if you donate some money for keeping this e-book free and available for all.

Download free e-book


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