Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to successfully launch an online product

The best way to make a six figure income from ones blog is by selling memberships and products. But in todays highly saturated niches, its almost impossible to capture an audience of your niche, especially when your a newbie and have no cash in pockets.

It is not completely rocket science, if your successful in creating a buzz, then your banker will not be able to manage your balance. All it takes is a well planned, well managed and attractive launch for your product. If your planning to lauch your product for free, then you should be a famous personality or own a famous blog, otherwise just forget about it.

There are many ways you can launch your product for free and still make a fortune, but this way you'll have to be ready to wait 2 or 3 years or so. I'm sorry if i have disappointed you, but this is the truth, many of them who had instant success, either were very lucky or because of very low competition. Again there are chances of instant successes, but for that your blog should have heavy traffic, and you can sell your product to monetize your blog.

What do people look in a product?
Firstly what implies for success of your product is its quality, people look for the best value for their money. If your product is good and people like it, its going to have a lot of publicity in a short time span. For that you'll have to convince people to buy your product, that is something which takes a lot of hard work, luck and creativity.

The more information you give to your users about your product, the more convinced they'll be, increasing your chances of making a successful sale. The experiences of others who have read your book can also be displayed on your site, this gives out an encouragement among potential buyers.

Set up a landing page
An attractive, creative and informative landing page is crucial for attracting buyers. One more reason why a landing page is important is that it can be indexed by search engines, leading to more conversions. Usually a landing page should contain a brief introduction of yourself and the product, then user experiences and some images. To make the landing page more effective you can give away, freebies, bonuses, gifts and discounts. A successful landing page offers these main questions,

  • What is this about?
  • Who the hell wants this?
  • Why the hell do they want this?
  • What do they feel about it? 
  • Where are they now?
  • Well then how do I get there?

Send out a press release
Now you have got a good product people would like and an attractive landing page, now its time to send traffic towards your landing page. First of all you should announce it to the media which will then announce it to the public, the best way to do this is to send out a press release. There are many press release sites, most of them are read by media houses interested in every niche, most of them are paid and a few are free but I can't guarantee that free press releases are being read. It takes a lot of creativity to create an attractive press release, you'll have to make sure you give a detailed information on you, your company and your product and one thing that plays a crucial role is the title. Most paid press releases cost from $200 to $500, try to find the least priced ones.

Blog advertising
Blog advertising is really efficient when your selling a product, it is very cheap and can also get you some dofollow links if you ask the blogger. For better service its better if you use networks like BuySellAds, PayPerPost and ReviewMe. This is a really good method because if a blogger puts up a banner or post on his blog it spreads virally through social media, which gives you more exposure. Most of the people who come across your product, tend to find more information about your product before buying it, if they find positive information on other sites, they will be very much willing to buy it.

Ask for free endorsements
This is to ask a blogger or a webmaster for writing about your new product for free, this works only if you have good relations with some bloggers or your product is a free social service product and your asking them to contribute to the community. Bloggers sometimes can write about you or your product without you asking if your product is highly exceptional, they will link to it when they write relevant posts and can also become your affiliate. This can be very valuable, only thing you need is a great product and the art of convincing people.

Go social
During your product launch make sure your active on social sites, its better if they are in your niche. Your goal here is to take part in as many discussions, projects and activities as possible. By social I truly don't mean sites like Facebook and Myspace, I mean't forums and groups. When I launched my blog I was very active on forums such as DigitalPoint and WarriorForum and both of them generated solid traffic in the beginning.

Recruit affiliates
Another way get your product promoted is by recruiting affiliates, your affiliates will demand 30% of the products pricing, but its really helpful as they do everything from writing reviews to posting links and you don't have to pay them anything except for sales. You can register with e-junkie which is currently the best program both for vendors and affiliates. You may have to keep banners of all sizes ready and some ready made articles as this can be attractive to affiliates. 

Article marketing
Now to give your buyers a good taste of your product, you can give some articles on tools and tips on your product. Use article directories and post your article there with a link to your landing page. You can also post articles on related blogs. Your main goal here is to convince readers that you don't sell that product and give them as much information as possible, try giving some negative info to increase there confidence in you.


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