Saturday, November 14, 2009

Powerful blog startegies to increase affiliate conversions

Imagine a scenario. You have a site rich in content and you get less than 50 visitors a day, but almost every visitor from search engines. Everyday 2 people are lead to your affiliate program to buy a product worth $50, so you have $100 in one day. This counts to $3000 in a month, I know its not possible keep up with these referrals every day, but it all depends on your conversions.

If you want to generate affiliate sales from your blog, there are many ways to do so, you can put banners on your sidebars, annoying pop-ups, send emails to your newsletter subscribers, but are all of these going to work?

No, you may get a lot of click throughs if your blog has good traffic, but very less sales. Even if it does generate sales it is totally short term, your users may subscribe only for a month and if they don't like it, you may loose your reputation.

Below are some strategies which cost you nothing, but are sure to increase conversions.

Write a review - get it indexed by Google 
Just tell me how many of your banners have been indexed by Google till date. Its your posts which Google is interested in, if your affiliate is not very famous, then you can easily get on the top 10 for your affiliates keywords.

All of us are aware that search engines increase your conversion rates, and those conversion rates are maximum if you send the potential search engine traffic to a review of the particular product. Internet users feel insecure to buy a product which gives very less information and they certainly won't believe the text on the sales page.

I wrote a review of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, which instantly got indexed by search engines and till today I've made around 7 sales which is not quite bad.

Give discounts and freebies
If your affiliate is pretty famous, then you'll have very less chances of being on top of Google, and of course people would directly visit their site. Their are a few ways to solve this problem.

I've written above that I generated 7 sales of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog ebook. You see the the book is hosted on Problogger and almost all my visitors are constant users of Problogger, so one thing which made them buy from me was that I announced that you can get a 40% cash back. You can use this effective method, most affiliate programs give you somewhere between 20% to 75% commission, why not give some part of your commission to your buyers.

Make sure you do this properly, or else this can give you a lot of negative publicity. Once you announce that offer, you'll have to give their money back, sometimes before you get your commission.

Send traffic to your baits 
The above two strategies are your baits, now its time to send traffic towards your bait. There are various methods to do this, you can send traffic from your blog itself or from outside your blog.

  • Create threads on forums and write a small review with a link to your blog
  • Use social networking. You can use your Facebook Fan page to promote your baits effectively.
  • Send e-mails to subscribers and announce the new product.
  • Start PPC campaigns and send traffic to your bait.
  • Use banners and text links all over your blog and even below ever post.
  • Effectively comment on related blogs.

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