Sunday, November 15, 2009

World's biggest Photoshop mistakes

Photoshop is a tool which all of us have used and loved to use. This tool has got itself into the professional design world. I guess these professional designers have to read through the tutorial again. Many of these pics have been part of famous brands, can't believe they couldn't spot such big mistakes. 

1. I dont think you can carry a computer this way, Right?

Extra pizza hands
2. A extra pair of hands is always handy.

3th hand
3. A 3th hand? Where is the dude?

weird belly
4. I have never seen a belly like that. Do you?

5. Thats just scary.

do i have to say anything
6. Do i have to say anything?

7. I dont know the exact proportions of the human body, but i cant touch below my knie while standing straight. Do you?

8. Here is an other one.

no head
9. This is maybe the biggest photoshop disaster i found. Have you ever seen people basketball without a head?

one leg model
10. No Veronica Kay is not just a one legged model,  its another big photoshop mistake.

11. Gues what, it didnt just happend ones. The editor of Veronica Kay probably hated veronica.

12. Or maybe number veronica has done the same diet as this girl?

13. Did eminem just got a facelift?

14. He can count to seven.

15. Brad Pitt has a twin brother and kid.

16. She wasn’t really naked, look at the thongs reflection.

Flying plate
17. I have seen this one all over the web, so it has to make this list.

18. This BMW probably has some spinners.

19. I didn’t know spiderman had a flexible girlfriend.

20. Unbelievable, is this done in paint?

21. Some girls wish they had a belly button. This girl is one of them.

22. They saved a view bucks by not buying the iStockPhoto photos.

23. This guy needs to do some more Photoshop tutorials.

24. The photo retoucher must have had an unbelievable hangover?

25. They erased someone, but forgot a little piece.

I hope you all had a good laugh, and remember dont make these mistakes yourself.
If you also have found some terrible photoshop mistakes, just tell me and i will put them in the next “25 PhotoshopMistakes” list.

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