Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to increase Twitter retweets

The messages you Tweet reach only a small number of people interested in your tweets, but if they again tweet it reaches a newer audience, social sites, their blogs and of course increased click through rate. But how do you get people to retweet your messages.

Well first of all only a small number of followers will take their time to tweet your posts. In my case only 1% of my followers retweet my messages. But it depends on the number of active followers you have and how interesting your tweets are.

If you want strong traffic you'll need your tweets to reach as many people as possible that is even the followers of your followers need to retweet it.

Increase followers
Your followers consistently increase once your tweets start getting retweeted, but your posts get retweeted only when you have a good subscriber base. You start to get good traffic from Twitter once your account gets more than a 1000 followers, so the first 1000 is the toughest. I have written some effective ways to increase your Twitter followers "How to increase your Twitter followers".

Using Tweetmeme button
Optimizing your blog also plays an important role in increasing retweets, one way to do so is adding a Tweetmeme widget next to your post or below your post. Many bloggers say that after adding the retweet button their retweets have almost doubled. The reason why this widget is so effective is that it is not very time consuming to your users as they don't have to migrate to Twitter for retweeting, there is a small pop-up with the message and a link and all the user has to do is click on retweet.

Educate your readers
Many Twitter users have no idea what retweeting is, i got to know about it like after one month of using Twitter. You can educate your readers by writing posts on the topic, give links to the post next to your retweet button,  encourage retweeting at the end of every post.

Encourage your readers
Tell your readers to retweet your post by writing something like " Enjoyed this post, if so please retweet it". You can also encourage retweeting in your tweets by adding text such as " plz retweet". I know its tough to do this as Twitter provides only 140 words which can hardly make up a good summary and a link.

Reciprocate with friends
As I mentioned above, getting your first 1000 followers can be the toughest. Some ways to make this simple is using your friends to retweet your message and do the same to your friends. This may not get you tons of retweets but it can definitely get you a hand full of followers. You can do this frankly, just email your friend telling them that your retweeting all their posts and ask them if they'd like to do the same.

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Please do write your comments below and tell us if you know any other way to increase retweets. 

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