Friday, November 13, 2009

Using facebook to promote your blog

Most of your readers probably will have a Facebook account, and if they don't creating one would be easy. The networking site which people use to connect with their high school buddies and previous colleagues has several features you can use to establish a new audience to your blog.

Facebook has users in all professions, interests and educational qualifications, so what ever is your blogs niche your sure to find readers on Facebook, and of course you can also connect with your previous readers.

Increasing your friends
The first step to take as soon as you step up on Facebook is to search for groups in your niche and start sending out friend requests to its members, it is necessary to make friends who are interested in your blog's topic as when you post a link on your wall your friends should be interested in it and be ready to share it with their friends. Once you have found groups in your niche just send out friend requests blindly.

Create a Facebook Group
Facebook groups are easy to create and most users are very active on groups in their niches. Just create a group, start some discussions, post some links, videos and photos. Next invite all your friends to join your group and encourage them to invite their friends. While creating a group their are a few things to take care of,

  • First of all your group shouldn't be in yours or your blogs name unless your blog is very famous or your a very famous personality.
  • Do not spam your Group with only your links, you can post links of other blogs as well. 

Promote your group and blog using other groups
The best way to promote your group and your blog in Facebook is to leave links on other groups in your niche. This sure to work and would definitely give a few spikes in your blog traffic and a few more group members. The key is to leave links on blogs with more than 100 members.

Advertising your group and blog
Facebook gives you an opportunity to promote your blog with a paid ad. Advertising on Facebook has two options CPC and CPM, both are equally efficient. For targeting only your potential audience, it takes just 10 to 15 cents for thousand views.

Facebook application
I do agree that Facebook applications are hard to create, but you can outsource it at very less cost. This can boost your membership and your Facebook presence. You would definitely need an investment of $30 for developing an app and promoting it with an advertisement.

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