Friday, August 7, 2009

Websites to make money online

Creating and maintaining a blog or website can be pretty dizzy, expensive and time consuming, I have heard many people who are tired of blogging, but they still want to make money online as it gives full freedom, complete flexibility, easy to learn and it is quiet interesting. But is there a way of getting paid to write articles on other sites without any content violations. Yes there is, the internet is a place were it rains cash, maybe some of these sites would help you take some droplets.

This happens to be my favourite, it allows you to write all types of content and publish it without any verification. You can link it with your Adsense account or create one under it. It also allows you to use Amazon and Ebay to monetize your hubs. Its easy to use editor, affiliate trackers and hub manager makes it easy to create manage and monetize your hubs. All your hubs get atleast 4 pageviews a day without any promotion. Hubbers who create large number of hubs in very little time are listed on the first page. They have an affiliate network which allows you to earn 10% of the earnings of your refferals. Obviously this is one of the best ways to create money online, as it has many who are earning upto $1000 a month.

This is another of my favourites even though it does not give authors complete freedom on your content and takes more than 3 days for verificaton. You don't have to monetize it, associated content pays you for pageviews. One thing that makes it better than HubPages is that it gets more pageviews no matter what kind of content you have due to very high traffic. Associated content has many authors who have joined 2 years before and hve receieved 3 million pageviews each. Associated Content is very strict about duplicated content.

Bukisa though newly made has plenty of traffic, it gives you more freedom, and you can publish without verification, it itself pays you for pageviews. You may even write stories, poems, and post galleries. You can publish articles which are on your blog and is very liberal on duplication. Even though I prefer HubPages and Associated content.

This is a fairly new site, started by an Indian. It does get good traffic, but has a bad design. You'll need to have an Adsense account for monetizing your account. It verifies your articles before publishing them, but it is quite liberal is verifying as almost all articles published is posted. This shows the sites desperate need for more authors. I think this would be the right time for registering with them as they are offering plenty of rewards for new authors.

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