Friday, August 7, 2009

Enabling your users to interact

You may not be able to give your users all the information they need, sometimes it is best if your users to teach each other. If your users get to know about the interactivity features your blog allows , visitors would pour in. These features does not only help your users, it helps you to increase the stickiness of your site, increases page rank and popularity. So, what are these features and how to access them

Chatrooms – This is one of the most used means of communication other than e-mail, it allows your users to send personal messages in real time, they can interact and exchange links. This might be a little difficult for you to create, if you are a beginner in blogging. There are sites which allow you to host free chatrooms. I would reccommend Getchaty.
Forums – Using chatrooms users can interact with only 1 or 2 at a time, but forums allow users to interact and get advise from many people, not only that, forums are highly indexed on search engines, which allow maximum visibility. Creating a forum is even more complicated than a chatroom, I would advise Sparklit.
Comments – are easy to create, easily accessed and widly used by webmasters, comments usually appear at bottom of the page and is read by a large number of users, but you have to make sure to avoid spam. Learn to make a comment box using html at htmlhelp.

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