Saturday, August 8, 2009

Link building tips for startup blogs

If your blog is a start up then you may have very less visibility on search engines. Search engine rankings are very important for driving traffic for your site as it gives you free traffic and it is continuous, unlike an advertising campaign which generates hits only when your campaign runs and users may sometimes just stumble on a banner and come to your site, but search engines give you qualified traffic and only the users who are interested in your niche can come to your site. You can improve your page rank by gaining links from other sites usually from social sites, your link ranks higher according to the popularity of your link. Bellow are some link building tips which I've used for my site,

7 Ways to get backlinks to your site

Create a xml sitemap
You can use a sitemap to get fully indexed on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, because sometimes these search engines cannot index your site and even your link popularity can't increase your pagerank. You can create a sitemap at xml sitemap generator and submit it to search engines at Google webmaster tools.

Real time SEO and click tracking

Submit your site to web directories
This is a very boring and time consuming process, you can get hundred's of backlinks if you submit to as many as possible. You can hire freelancer online to do it. Here is a list of web directories and blog directories.

Automatic rss & blog submission tool

Linkbacks from similar websites
You can make relationship with bloggers in your niche and ask for linkbacks for either submitting content to them or just as a personal favor. You can e-mail directly or ask them on some webmaster forums.

One way SEO link building

Social linkbacks
There is a saying that 62% of internet users have social network accounts and 42% are heavy users, so 4 of the 10 people who visit your site would have a social network account, they would leave you a bookmark if they feel your site gives good content. If they do you get free traffic, link popularity and awareness of your content. To get more bookmarks you can put widget buttons on your site.

Blogging sites
Create a squidoo lens and write short posts of your content and links to your site for full article, this helps improve traffic and get link populartity, there are many blogging sites but Squidoo is the only one well indexed on search engines. You can also use sites like HubPages, it is similar to Squidoo and is well indexed.

Article submission
Create short but impressive articles related to your niche and submit it to article submission sites, with a link to your site below your articles. Your articles can be viewed many times if they are pasted on other sites. Get free article submission sites on seoresearcher.

Signatures on forums
Put signatures on forums related to your niche.

Comments on other blogs
Write comments with links on other popular sites related to your niche. Avoid spamming on their sites and try to build good relationship with other bloggers.

Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo answers is good place to popularize your blog as it is well indexed on search engines. Find questions related to your niche and answer it with a link to your site.

Blogs on blog platforms
Create a blog on other blog platforms with only half published articles and give a link to your site for full content. Even though you may not get any traffic it helps increase page rank.

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