Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 Ways to make money online

Today the internet is one of the biggest sources of money in the world, and millions depend on it to pay their bills and many earn more than a living through it. Once a source for college students to share information has become the mover of economies. The dot com industry makes up 2% of the global GDP which is huge for a single industry. This guide will teach you the different ways to make money on the internet. The best way to make money is although blogs and websites, others cannot make you rich, it can just help you pay for your bills.

One of the most used ways to make money online is through a blog, as it takes very less money and some times no money. Blogs are the only web elements that can make you truly rich, rest others can just pay your bills. Due to the vast network of internet users all types of content are great in demand. If write good content, have sticky design and market your blog well, there is no one to stop you. Money keeps generating itself if you have a good page rank. If you are not good at creating good content, creating a design or in marketing you can outsource it, it is going to be expensive but you'll earn it back within a few months. If you want to monetize your site you can search the net for some ad networks. You may also get paid for posts on your blog if it is generating enough traffic, try registering with PayPerPost, ReviewMe

Write articles
This does not mean on your own site, it is on others sites. Sometimes the price is fixed by some niche blogs and if your writing for some directories you get paid according to the number of pageviews. It may not generate lots of money, but you can stay away from marketing and designing. You will have to learn some writing skills and publishing in large amounts may help you to increase readership. If you want to sell your articles to some bloggers and earn a one time full amount then I would recommend this site. If you want to write and publish articles and earn royalties according to the pageviews then I would recommend sites such as HubPages, AssociatedContent, Bukisa, ExpertsColumn.

Very less people depend on this, and for people who it would be just their part time work. Anyhow if you are a photography fan the internet is not such a bad place to fulfill your dream and stomach. Even in this you ca either earn lifetime royalties according to pageviews or sell its entire rights to interested buyers. Luckily you don't have to sell your photos running around in your neighbourhood, there are sites with high traffic for only photographers. Some of them who auction your photos include iFoto, istockphotos, gettyimages.

Selling on Ebay
Many netizens like buying a lot of things on Ebay because it is cheap. This cheap solution can become your source to the riches. Visit Craigslist and some other local classifieds sites and observe buyers and sellers, if you think a products price is higher than that on Ebay, then buy it on Ebay and sell it on that site. You may not be able to make a hell lot of money as a beginner but after you make some relationships with some frequent buyers, you can put some cash in your pockets.

Getting paid to write reviews
This is currently great in demand, but it takes a lot of writing skills. Experts at this field get paid upto $250 - $1000 for one review, but for beginners it can be a bit tough as most of their reviews are rejected, but keep up your patience as once you have your reputation straight you can have money following your footsteps in this field. You can write reviews on your own blogs or on other sites. Some sites I've got here are SoftwareJudge, PayPerPost, ReviewMe.


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