Sunday, August 9, 2009

8 Ways to monetize your site

After you decided your blogging platform, design, content and started to get enough traffic, it is time to monetize your traffic, there are actually many ways one can monetize his/her site. The internet has plenty of options for bloggers who dream to have a six-figure income. Monetization does not mean using a good ad network with high cpc rates, it means getting good traffic and increasing your click-through-rate. I've got some of the most used methods in this post with its advantages and disadvantages and to use it.

Php Spinners to rotate ads

PPC Advertising Networks
This one of the most preferred advertising model by bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers prefer this because they pay only when someone clicks on it and it is highly relevant. The most popular ad network in this model is Google Adsense as it gives highly relevant ads which provide a good click through rate. The click through rate of PPC ads mainly depends on your design, ad placement, relevance of the ad and the source of traffic, traffic from search engines tend to have high click through rate as users are in search of those links.The average cost per click depends on your niche, finance, mortgages, financial and health care products. Tech related ads are said to have very less bids for clicks, often less than a dollar. Below are a list of PPC based advertising networks which I think are the best,

Is the most popular advertising method among blogs with more than 10k pageviews. CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions, which means you get paid for pageviews not click throughs. In a way it is good because very single user you get is monetized but the average CPMs can be from $0.10 to $10 so sometimes you have chances of earning less than CPC ad networks. Here are some of my favourite ad networks,

Direct advertising sales
Selling ad space on your site directly to your advertiser is one of the most preferred method, but only bloggers with 100000+ pageviews can earn money with it, because there is 1 advertiser in every 10000 pageviews. You can opt to this method with an ad network as alternative as you don't want your traffic to go for waste. You can sell ads based on CPM, CPC and some time cost per day and cost per day. Most bloggers with more than 100000+ with traffic charge between $200 to $500 a month, most of them have a sales team who sell ads. If you cant afford a sales team you can use a self serve ad platform. You can use Shiny Ads for serving direct ads on your site and it does not charge any fee or commission.

Wordpress Easy Ads

Text Link Ads
This was high on demand until recently when Google declared that all sites using text link ads without the nofollow tags will penalised. This was the best because users do not get to know that what they are clicking on were ads, all ads were marked as 'great links' which resulted in high click through rate. Many bloggers still use this some with nofollow tags and some without them. Most bloggers sell text link ads directly on their sites while others use networks and marketplaces to automate sales. Some good text link ad networks,

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is another advertising model on the internet which is high on demand. In this the merchants want to let other publishers sell their products directly or in-directly and would pay them a commission. The commissions are very high ranging from 10% to 50%, this is why many bloggers are using it to monetize their blogs. But use of affiliate marketing should be like an alternative to a CPC or CPM ad network as click throughs maybe high but you get paid only if the user buys or signs up for the merchants product. Here are some affiliate marketing networks I would recommend,

Sponsored Reviews
In this model an advertiser pays you for writing about his/her product or service on your blog. You can do the deal directly with the advertiser or you can use a network, which will have a list of advertisers and their products you can right about. I do not recommend this to all as it may have a negative impact on your readership if the product your writing about is bad. Many bloggers do not like this type of monetization, but there are many who make a lot of money out of it. You can use some of these paid blogging networks,

Widget Monetization
The latest trend in the internet advertising industry includes widgets. Widgets which were once used to improve the stickiness of one's blog can now be used to monetize it. It does interupt your readers and also helps increase your blogs stickiness. If you'd ask me it would be my most preferred way of monetization.
Some sites you can find widgets

RSS feed monetization
Bloggers have already started to use this new technology of content distribution to fill their pockets as they dont want their readers outside their blogs to go unmonetized. Feedburner has already started its publisher network for CPM ads on the bottom of your feeds. Here are the sites through which you can monetize your feeds,

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