Friday, September 25, 2009

Monetization for blogs with small traffic

When your site has a very small traffic or relatively next to nothing, I truly don't advice you to monetize it right away, but if the money is tight and if you have a lot responsibilities on your head then you can use some methods to monetize your site, but of course I can't guarantee that you can make thousands of dollars, but yes you will make up to $50 to $60. 

There are many newbie bloggers who start blogging with no good capital, so I thought if these bloggers could make up at least $50 to $60 from their blogs, they could use it for advertising and promoting their blogs, that is why I decide to write this post. Below I'm gonna offer some useful methods of monetization for small blogs, once your blog starts to grow you can switch over. 

CPM Advertising
Well it is true that high quality CPM ads are reserved for only high traffic blogs, but it is available and useful for small blogs. You will not be accepted by Cascale Media or TribalFusion, nut you can use some small networks. You can some small ad networks listed on forums and other blogs.

CPC Advertising
It is true that CPM ads monetize your entire traffic, but if your blog has good conversion rates, you can use CPC ads, most of the high quality cpc ad networks accept low traffic blogs, and there is no doubt about making money if you put relevant ads.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs might be the right choice for publishers, you should put highly relevant and low cost, or payday programs, make sure the products or services you promote are not too expensive for your visitors. You can find good affiliate programs at commision Junction, Click Bank, Google Affiliate Network, etc, or you can find some visiting blogs in your niche and checking what products are promoted there. 

Direct Advertising Sales
This is a method in which you directly sell ads to an advertiser, blogs with small traffic won't get any advertisers, but if promote your adspace on forums such as digital Point and Site Point and charge not more than $10, you will surely get a series of advertisers. For serving your own ads, there are some technological and human needs such as an adserver or a sales team, but now it is fully automated. You can get more tips on the subject by referring to my article on Direct Advertising Sales for beginners

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  1. By selling ad space on less traffic blog will bring no more then $70 or $80 a month. where to invest this small amount then ?