Saturday, September 26, 2009

Build a business not a blog

In recent years the web has given birth to thousands of successful bloggers, these bloggers teach us lessons on every posts they write, but one of the most important thing which we have failed to learn from them is that they truly aren't bloggers they are businessmen or entrepreneurs, today, most of their posts are not written by them, they are being written by their bloggers. They started blogging calling themselves as self-employed, but now call themselves as employers.

Most of the newbie bloggers try to create a successful blog, but no one cares about creating a successful business. I've told this to many of my friends who are bloggers, all of them say that it is their business as they make their own money and keep it for themselves and work for themselves, I'd say they truly don't know the meaning of a business.

Now, I suppose all of you own a blog, you would have monetized, you keep all the profits, you post and decide what to post, you have your name on the 'about us' page, you have your name below every post and also on your social media profiles, but just imagine someone hacks into your blog, then the blog you took months to build and years to promote, just vanishes, you have no right to tell that you once owned it, but this won't happen I just wanted to give an example, your blog platform has high security.

What I wanted to tell in the above paragraph was that you cant classify your blog as an asset, you cant sell your blog at the price you want, you can't judge its value and you cannot get outside funds from investors, in other words your blog cannot grow and expand.

Blogging in action : From start to six figures with a professional blog

How to turn your blog into a business?

  1. Set up an office space the first step for your business.
  2. Create a business account, this is the second step for turning your blog into a business. The money and assets owned by your business can judge its value. This can help you if want to sell it later.
  3. Finding investors for your business can help you raise the value of your business, but you may loose ownership of your blog and business.
  4. Hire employs, and let them work for you, the only thing you'll have to do know is grow your business and you no longer have to concentrate on your SEO and monetization.
  5. Professionalize the working of your company, divide it into different units, the reasearch or reporters, the bloggers, the promoters or marketers and a team for taking care of your monetization.
Well if you just started to blog and don't have enough money to convert it into a business, then it doesn't matter, I did not mean to say that you start it in full fludge, I just meant to say that as a blogger, creating a business should be your ultimate goal. How soon you should turn it into your business? Well, time doesm't matter, I'd say that take your own time, start slowly, by professionalizing, formalizing and maintaining things in order. Get more about this by subscribing to this blog.

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