Monday, September 28, 2009

How to advertise on Dumb Little Blogger

( Sorry for the inconvenience, but advertising on this blog is not allowed currently.)

Dumb Little Blogger is a popular blog dealing with content related to blogging tips, news and apps, with website monetization and promotion.

Its audience includes bloggers, webmasters, internet marketers, small business owners and freelancers. Most of them include experienced and inexperienced internet optimizers.

Dumb Little Blogger ranks well on search engines for some money related keywords, so its visitors include some casual guys looking for some make money online resources.

Why Should You Advertise on Dumb Little Blogger?
Dumb Little Blogger as rapidly established itself to the top of its niche, and as a rapidly growing visitors and subscriber base.

Top 500 blogs according Technorati.

109th rank on BlogTopLists.

A rapidly growing subscriber base.

Advertising Rates and Options
We currently provide only two advertising options, but they have a very reasonable price, get high conversion rates and are placed for high visibility to our viewers.

234*60 Medium sized rectangles are placed on the right side of our page, it receives high click-throughs, none of our ads are rotated, the price starts as low as $7 per week.

468*60 Half Banner are placed on top of our homepage and on the top of all our posts, this is a highly demanded ad space and it is non rotating and starts as low as $10 per week.

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For more questions on advertising on Dumb Little Blogger contact me.

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