Monday, October 5, 2009

Reinvesting your blogs income to generate traffic

Reinvesting your blogs income is an effective way to grow your blog and increase subscribers. When your blog is a startup, you may earn just next to nothing, but those start up revenues have everything with setting up an empire. There are many newbie bloggers who earn up to $200 a month, but do not know how to effectively reinvest it, even in my case my first made me up to $50 every month, but I kept loosing money due to lack of proper planning and reinvestment, maybe that was why I decided to abandon it.

I've recently written a post on Monetization for blogs with small traffic , I would advise you to use some of the techniques there to effectively generate income from your blog.

Spending all your money buying blog reviews and banner ads is not a brave investment, but a foolish one. By the title reinvesting your blogs income I did not mean buying ad space, I meant other ways to grow your blog. Yes, paid advertising is a part of it, but it is not a whole of it.

Ways to reinvest your income for growth and traffic
Firstly it is important to effectively monetize your site, later on choose your best posts to promote and if you can create a welcome page for your new users, encourage your users to subscribe to your blog and make sure they give a repeat visit.

  • Outsource to a blogger - This method is not quite expensive as average freelance blogger charges just from $5 to $20 for a 200 words post. I recommend this as it can help you save a lot of time, which either you can use for promotion or for anything else and off course your articles can have a very good quality.
  • Outsource marketing and SEO - This can be pretty expensive as you'll need an income of at least $200 a month, but I can guarantee that you'll generate great exposure to your blog and you can let experienced professionals to take over your seo and I'm sure you'll get back your investment within one month.
  • Upgrade your tools - This includes software, servers, hosting, templates, plugins, ebooks and custom scripts. This is a worthy investment, it can definitely help improve your productivity and quality of your blog.
  • Paid advertising - While utilizing this make sure that you don't invest more than 20% of your income. Their are many paid advertising models, choose yours according to your needs wisely.
Reinvestment is serious way to grow your blog, the above methods are just a few, but most of its effects are from you, it all depends on how wisely you invest your hard earned money. I am going to be writing on this topic, so please do subscribe to our blog.


  1. Outsource marketing and seo is the best thing to do while getting your blog into limelight and gain more visitors to your blog and also better in search engines.

  2. I spend most of my money on adwords. But it's expensive to bid the good keywords nowadays.