Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Make Money Online' by teaching others to make money

First thing is that this is not for those who are looking to make money online, but for those bloggers willing to blog on the 'make money online' niche. From the past 2 years I've been comepletely addicted to net after I realized that it can lead to ample amount of money. From then I've seen many blogs born and dying, most of them were related to the make money online niche, many of the owners were my friends and I've got plenty of chances to chat with them. They usually told me that very less visitors ever visited them again, so they were forced to shut it down.

After a lot of discouragment I still decided to start a make money online blog, as i was really passionate and knowledgeable at that niche. I did have initial failures, I don't think any of my users visited more than once, but I did some changes in my theme, content and promotion and it seems to work.

The question here is how is the niche today and what does it take to succeed in it. Its not a one time strategy to follow throughout your career, it keeps changing according peoples demands, search engine algorithms and monetization strategies. But, there are somethings that remain same for at least the time being,

Write for humans not spiders
Whatever you do to impress Google's spiders there are a lot of chances that it may turn against you, I have heard a lot of news about Google becoming vampires to publishers. Many big media hubs have accused Google of being the cause of revenue loss, so its your human brothers who are going to stay loyal towards you. I never mean to say not to optimize for search engines, I mean to say that never forget your users, make sure your readers come first. Today, most of the traffic does not lie in search engines, it lies in the power of the people, your blogs message could spread like wildfire in the hands of people through social media.

Don't be unique, write unique
Its really not wise if you publish everything on the first page of other blogs and call it your blog, especially when your in the 'make money online' niche. Readers demand something different, you see there are thousands of blogs who write similar articles on link building, but still many people read those even though they know a lot about link building, this is because each blogger has something different, maybe the way of writing or a useful link or an extra tip. I never say to be totally unique, just don't entirely photocopy.

Use indirect monetization
Selling advertising banners and links have died out in many other niches, it still has a grip on the this niche but its better and more profitable to use indirect monetization. This means start selling courses, memberships, ebooks and consultancy services to monetize your blogs traffic. Another means is sponsored reviews and affiliate marketing which has fast growing trend among advertisers, but in these you'll need to use techniques to increase conversions.

Don't promise the moon
I have come across many blogs which write content telling readers that it can result in a six figure income and after i get a small glimpse at their idea I can hardly see a few dollars. This is what i call a very bad idea, it used to work before, but now internet users are much more intelligent and will not fall for any scam so easily. Such words can give you a lot of negative publicity and will surely reduce your blogs quality.

Use multiple networks
Initially if you want to use ad networks for monetizing your site its wise to use multiple ad networks to deal with unused inventory and falling ad rates. You can easily use adservers such as OpenX and Showyouradhere to use multiple ad networks. After you grow start to sell ads directly and still continue to use ad networks on zones which are unsold.

Make use of big competitors
When it comes to any business, people usually find ways to avoid competitors, but when it comes to the internet it works best if you use your competitor. I don't mean to create any partnership or collaboration, I mean to use those blogs for driving traffic by commenting, guest posts, interviews etc. This works mainly in the 'Make Money Online' niche because comments, forums and links are used by people who are heavy internet users.


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