Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PR 0 to PR 4 in just 2 months

I guess i got my christmas gift in advance, Dumb Little Blogger is now a PR 4 site according to Google in the their recent page rank update, I never thought i'll make it to PR 4 within just two months, I also made a direct ad sale and my affiliate sales have increased a lot ever since the update.

When i first started to blog I had hoped for a PR 4 in six months, and this is as you can see very much above my expectations. After a bit of research I got to know that it isn't very difficult to have a jump from PR 0 to PR 4 in something like 2 to 4 months, I've asked many of my friends on how long did they take to reach PR 4, all of them were somewhere near to 2 months.

A few weeks back i was trying to recollect everything I had done to increase my page rank, I also tried to figure out sites which gave me maximum links. These are some of my results

Guest posts
When i first started this blog, the first thing I did was to look out for blogs that accept guest posts, I wrote two posts on Smartbloggerz, one on Dailyblogtips and another one at moneymakerinfo. All of these gave me quality anchor links which were very crucial for my blogs search rankings. This way I also made some relations with other bloggers and also got some traffic. Once you have got a good professional blog, then try to look out for more blogs in your niche which accept guest posts, if they don't contact the owner and ask him for rights to publish on his blog. I'm sure you'll find some good blogs which are looking for guest posts. Make sure you get seo'd links to your blog and also ask for giving a short summary of you and your blog at the end.

Blog Commenting
I guess i had underestimated the power of comments for too long, I first realized it when i had left a comment on Problogger which gave me 28 unique visitors in just 24 hours. I also started to check my google webmaster dashboard for finding out if Google counts my links left on comments, it did but all the posts weren't counted. After a few weeks I watched out for the blogs in my niche and tried to figure out the time they all create a post, I was successful in being in the first 5 comments everytime. This drove significant amount of traffic and gave me a lot of good quality backlinks. I do believe that Google no longer counts links in comments but it will index some comments. Almost 40% of my backlinks come from other blogs in my niche where I have commented.

Interlinking posts
Interlinking of posts play another crucial role in Google Pagerank. I started interlinking all my posts for specific keywords and then I was surprised to see that Google started to index my pages faster and I guess it did consider all my posts as high quality. There are a number of advantages of interlinking posts, it can increase stickiness, pageviews and can give a lot of value to your users. Google also sees your internal linking structure to rank your blog, you should optimize it not only for your users but also for google.

Volume posting
One last thing that helped me boost my rankings was volume posting, i realized that I had posted 17 posts in 6 days which was when i had school holidays. During this time i had interlinked all those posts and i had plenty of visits from Google bots, which was a key reason for being PR 4 in their next update. Now this is how exactly volume posting works

  • The more content I write

  • The more posts get indexed on search engines

  • Increased internal linking

  • Increased ranking for long tail keywords

  • and, thus my page rank increases
I know I've missed out many methods, but these are the methods which are easy and are still useful, many other methods have become of no use as Google kept changing their algorithm to keep out spam. These methods are easy and can be very efficient. If you have any more methods please comment below.


  1. Very interesting, I happened to have reached that stage and still needs lot of learning to improve the end.