Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benefits of interlinking posts

One of the main reasons why sites like Wikipedia and rank so high on Google is there idea of interlinking posts. If you have visited Wikipedia I'm sure you must have observed that each article is filled with links to numerous other articles, which are again linked to other articles.

Interlinking posts take less than 10 minutes of your time after writing a new post, but if you want to interlink all your old and new posts then it takes a lot of time depending on the number of articles. It is not really advisable to interlink all posts in your blog. Just start interlinking with some new posts, some popular ones and some money making posts.

What are the benefits of interlinking posts?
Interlinking posts have definitely more advantages than just increased page views. I've compiled some benefits of interlinking posts which are really useful to grow your blog.

Increasing stickiness - As a blogger one of your main objectives is reader satisfaction, your readers find it much easier to understand the subject if you have links defining the different parts of the topic. At times they can even explore related topics or thins which are not related. This increases user interactivity and they tell their rich user interface to their network taking your blog to a new level.

SEO - I had mentioned above one of the key reasons why Wikipedia ranks high on Google. Search engines find those links as a medium to index more pages and also to rank. Interlinking posts in your blog does not have much effect on your seo as much as getting links from other blogs but it does count. Interlinking of posts has helped me increase my page rank from PR 0 to PR 4 in 2 months

Increased pageviews - Interlinking of  posts increases the chances of your users to read more than one article. One major benefit is that if users travel to more and more posts in your blog you may end up with a bookmark and access to a new network of potential readers. Another benefit is if your using CPM advertising (cost per thousand views) on your blog it can help you earn more.

How to interlink your posts?
Now if your blog has a lot of old posts, it is very time consuming and boring to keep linking each post. Here I've got a variety of ways to interlink your posts,

In content links - If you can see the above links to some of my previous seo and monetization related articles you can see that I haven't written anything extra to link to my previous articles. All I add is a link on two or more related keywords.

Further reading or related articles - Most of the blogs have a section of their posts dedicated to further reading or related articles. These are easy to implement as their are a series of plugins and widgets to help you with it but the effectiveness is not as much as having it in your posts and in your content.

Browse through your archives - and make a list of keywords of each post and try to find related posts which have those keywords and then you can interlink those posts through the above ways.

It is not advisable to spend hours together interlinking posts, just spend 5 minutes on your new posts and 20 minutes a day linking your old posts and very soon you'll have your entire blog covered up and may also see your search rankings rise up.

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