Sunday, November 22, 2009

Generating passive income from your blog

Now how many of you here can leave your blog not updated for 6 months without loosing traffic and still making money, this wonderful act was performed by Maki of DoshDosh, he traveled entire Asia in 6 months and was able fund his journey all from his blog. This is because he was successful in making passive income from his blog. 3 months in his journey he tweeted a series messages to his followers this is how it goes if i could remember that properly,

I have traveled almost to every place in Asia, i haven't even been online from the past 3 months, but i was able to fund the entire trip without any hassle.
You see most of the people work hard for 11 months and go on a holiday for 1 month, but I work hard for one month and go on a holiday for the rest of the year.

There are 3 types of incomes, earned income that is something that you work hard and earn, portfolio income that is you buy assets with your money and make your money work for you, and the last is passive income that is you buy or create an asset which generates income with or without your presence. Passive income is something that I'd want you to develop , not only your blog you can try various methods to generate passive income, but this post mainly concentrates on generating passive income from your blog. For example authors earn royalties for years for the book they took just 3 months to write, that is passive income.

Now for us bloggers to generate passive income our goal should be to keep generating traffic, keep selling ads or our products and keep up the income. First think what would happen to your blog if you'd stop blogging for months, stop tweeting and promoting your blog, if it would still live on and generate enough cash then your generating passive income.

Search engine traffic
One source of traffic that is constant, with high conversions is traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic to your posts have no effect if you blog or not. You'll have to work hard for the first 6 months to increase search engine traffic. If you have a low pr then you can increase search engine traffic by finding out and using long tail keywords. You should also be able to generate traffic to sales pages either directly from search engines or from other posts which get search engine traffic.

If your selling a product on your blog then make sure you create an affiliate program, this way you have no need to work hard and promote your products, your affiliates do it for a small commission on the sales. The same way if you can get other bloggers in your niche to showcase your content with a link your sure to get constant traffic. The key is to not let your traffic fall. Using of social media is not recommended as it does not give you constant traffic if your not active.

Automated ad sales
The best way to generate income from your blog is to sell your adspace directly to your advertisers, this should be done without any of your efforts that is you should not be involved in email conversations or receiving payments, invoicing or uploading an ad. You can use some self serve advertising platform to sell ads for you. This is a very efficient method to generate income form your blog, you can make it passive by automating it.

Magnetic content
This was supposed to be on the very first of my list, magnetic content is something that pulls new and previous users towards your blog, it can convert your readers into subscribers and can also force them to make a sale, a bookmark or showcase it on their own blogs. So your having social media and viral traffic even when your offline, and of course magnetic content is the key to search engine traffic, so this is something that describes the success or failure of your blog.

Guest bloggers
Once your blog gets fame and grows to be one of the best in your niche, their will definitely be lots of people ready to write for you, not for money but for exposure. All you have to do is make sure that your guest bloggers are getting enough traffic to their blogs or a nice seo'd link. Just write a post on your blog telling your users that your allowing guest posts and if you can keep a moderator to review and moderate guest posts.

As a blogger your biggest works are posting, marketing, seo, promotion and social media marketing, now when your offline you should make sure you don't loose your grip over social media, you can manage this by outsourcing it to some individuals or companies, you may have to pay a huge amount but you won't have much work.

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