Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is a blog?

I'm sure most of you are very well aware of it, I just included this to give a bit of stickiness to the tutorial and to teach you the exact definition of a blog. This tutorial also deals with existence and evolution of blogs.

Blogs or weblogs, are one of the most talked about media element in today's world. As of December 2007 Technorati had tracked 112 million blogs on the internet. A blog is a type of website usually maintained by an individual with graphics, photos, videos and normal text posts usually posted in chronological order. I first heard the word blog 5 years ago, I truely couldn't define it, as I was very young and had my full attention on my studies. It was untill recently that I started to create and run blogs. Now let me give you a detailed history of blogging and its existence.

The term blogging was introduced in the year 1993, but it came to be known to common man only by the end of 1998. Blogging became famous due to the introduction of some hosted free blog platforms such as Blogger and the use of blogs by celebrities. Blogs were fully used for personal purposes such as sharing photos and text. Commercial blogs were started in the year 2004, and from that time blogs have been a great source of money.

From 2004, the internet has given birth to many of the best bloggers on the planet, who are also known as 'the dot com moguls'. These guys have more than just money with them, they have popularity, who the hell does not know Larry Page, John Chow and Darren Rowse.
Let me tell you one thing, the internet can be the road to your dreams and your nightmares. I have it all covered up for you in this blog, I would advise you to read as many articles as possible on this blog and others (Get some of the best blogging tips blogs), and if you fail to get your required information you are always free to contact me.

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